Holistic Harmony at Valaterra

APRIL 18–19, 2020

As we come out of the darkness that is winter and enter the longer days of spring, this weekend retreat offers an optimal time to unplug from our day-to-day lives so that we may reconnect with ourselves.

Do you spend your time rushing from task to task, taking care of everyone else's needs, and often neglecting your own inner calling? 

Has it been so long since you've connected with your creativity that you don't even know what you love to do anymore? 

If you were paid in happiness, what would you do for a living?

This is your opportunity to ask those questions and make space for the answers to come to you. When you re-connect to your authentic self, you find the answers you seek.

This day and a half retreat is designed for someone that really needs a break but isn't ready to dedicate an entire week of their schedule yet. Maybe you're a mother with young children and can't be away that long or you've run out of PTO time at work. Perhaps you're simply someone who hasn't quite figured out how to  S L O W  D O W N  yet.

Wherever you are, it's all OK. This one is for you.



Saturday, April 18th – 8am to 10pm

Sunday, April 19th – 8am to 12pm


Valaterra Retreat Center


7101 Shrader Lane

La Grange, Kentucky 40031


$375 for Saturday only

$450–$525 for Saturday + Sunday

Your Facilitators


Jessica Ladipo

Jessica is world exploring, history loving, smart and quirky travel agent.  She grew up traveling and always had a deep passion for learning about new cultures. She went to nursing school and spent 7 wonderful years traveling the globe and delivering babies as a travel nurse. She delivered over 9000 babies during her nursing career while exploring the world.

Today she helps people dream, discover and explore the world together and has since 2011.  She has personally travelled to 125 countries on every continent except Antartica and facilitates all the travel arrangements for Holistic Harmony. She knows that her winding journey lead her to exactly where she was always meant to be and she looks forward to helping you find where you are meant to be too.

Amy Hudson playing her crystal singing bowls.

Amy Hudson

Amy is a plant loving, wine drinking, soul-guided sound healer. Her happy place is in nature with her bare feet on the earth and enjoying deep conversations with friends well into the night. She will facilitate our guided meditations, cacao ceremony, and a group sound healing. 

Sound and vibration are all around us. We can only see and hear a fraction of what is happening all around us. For thousands of years sound has been used as medicine, and it is making its comeback into mainstream holistic therapies worldwide. 


Kristen Murphy

Kristen is a piano playing, art adoring, romance loving sommelier (wine expert). Her passion for wine developed over a 14-year bartending career working closely with spirits where she obtained her Barsmarts certification.

As a classically trained pianist and an art historian, Kristen values the romanticism present in the winemaking process. Her love for food and the ingredients makes her the perfect person for our evening wine tasting and pairing. Let her teach you the art of sipping, appreciating, and slowing down that is so very important to her.


Krissie Bentley

Krissie is a balance bringing, yoga teaching, kind and joyful counselor. She believes that our bodies are the key to so much wisdom in our lives. We simply need to learn how to tune into them.

She will invite you to look deeper than the poses. She will cue you not only in movement, but in thought and intention. She will give you the option to think about how you inhabit your body, what you can learn from your body, and how you can integrate all of your pieces - mind, body, heart. You can count on a peaceful meditation and a nice yoga nap. But, as with everything in yoga,  you always have a choice. You can choose what to take and what to leave, what to respond to and what to let go. That is the beauty of yoga.

When you look into the mirror and no longer recognize yourself, it's time for something to change. You deserve to see and FEEL the power and beauty that already resides inside of you. In fact, it never left, you simply stopped seeing it. When you fully embrace the moment you're living and accept that it's OK to be right where you are, you will begin to shift into a new place of presence where all guilt, shame, anxiety, and fear can leave. It is time.

We all start in different places on our path to wellness. For some, they jump in with both feet and make a complete change. For most, we dip our toe into the waters of change to see how we feel first. If that's you, come for this short retreat at the Valaterra Retreat Center in La Grange, KY just outside Louisville.

Together we will experience stillness in a way that feels expansive. We will dive deeper into personal and spiritual development resulting in an appreciation of everything that has brought us here. We will bring together the pieces of ourselves long forgotten. Are you ready?


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Essence of Bali


This luxury retreat is the perfect balance of wellness, mindfulness, and play, with the spirit being one of adventure and self-exploration. You are being taken on the very journey that your soul was put on this very planet to fulfill. You came here to live, love, and learn.

Who are you and who are you becoming?

This year marks the beginning of something new for you. You are growing and changing in ways that you never thought or expected. Life is granting you opportunities to grow yourself each and every day.  Will you accept the gift laid before you or turn away for fear of the unknown?

We included all the things you would want to see in Bali, Indonesia while also carving out sacred time for reflection and integration. This entire experience is designed to be completely immersive. We don't just see the elephants, we eat breakfast with them.  We don't just look at the crystal clear waters, we dive into and explore them. We don't just visit the temples, we put on a sarong and dip into the holy waters.

Whether you come alone or with a friend, we promise you will leave being a better version of yourself. 

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September 4 – 11, 2020


Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Deposit Due:
April 30, 2020

Balance Due:
July 31, 2020

Knowing something is part of your path is one thing. Taking action on it is quite another. It's the distance between knowing you need to make a change and making the change that takes the most time. It requires the courage to go to places you've never gone to before. It requires faith to believe that everything is going to work out in your favor. It takes resilience to see things through to the end. Above all, it takes sincere intent to make sustainable change.

It is not what you learn on a retreat that makes it the most valuable, it is how you learn to integrate those lessons. We strive to equip you with the tools necessary to see long-lasting positive change in your life. 

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