Wellness Retreats with a Twist

Wellness Retreats with a Twist

Wellness Retreats with a TwistWellness Retreats with a TwistWellness Retreats with a Twist

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Wellness is a Practice

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Being "well" does not look the same for everyone. We all start in different places and we all have different destinations. No two paths are identical. Holistic Harmony is your gateway to wellness acceptance. We believe that it is completely OK to not be OK. We embrace our differences, celebrate our individual paths, and welcome your questions. Wellness is a practice, not a performance. We do this for ourselves, not for an audience. Not only will you gain clarity or insights, you will also gain the tools you need to continue your practice when you leave the retreat and re-enter your daily life.

Un-plug to Re-connect

Our wellness retreats are a sacred time to unplug from your day-to-day life so that you may reconnect with yourself.

Do you spend your time rushing from task to task, taking care of everyone else's needs, and often neglecting your own inner calling? Has it been so long since you've connected with your creativity that you don't even know what you love to do anymore? If you were paid in happiness, what would you do for a living? When we gather, we ask these questions and make space for the answers to show up. When you re-connect to your authentic self, you will find the answers you seek.

Yes, and...

Yes, this is a beautiful, transformative experience AND it is refreshingly fun! The Holistic Harmony team places a strong emphasis on balance and being OK with being where you are. This means there is an aspect of play incorporated into every retreat. We may begin the day with a meditative walk or yoga session AND we will end the day with a wine or bourbon tasting. We understand the importance of balance. While it may seem radical to some, our approach is simply aligned with the idea that we are all on different paths to wellness, and where you are is perfectly OK.

Holistic Harmony Goes to Bali!


Ever since Eat, Pray, Love came on the scene, we've loved traveling to Italy, India, and Indonesia. We're making our way through those three countries a little backward though and starting with Bali this September. Join us for eight days and seven nights of wellness, mindfulness, and play. You will be taken on a journey filled with adventure and self-exploration. This is the very journey that your soul was put on this very planet to fulfill. You came here to live, love, and learn.  Explore and discover who are you and who are you becoming in Bali.

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